My Monday Musing ~ Memorial “Moving” Day 1976

MOST EVERYONE who lives in New York City has a "Moving In Story." This is mine. Memorial Day 1976.
Monday Musings
Monday Musings
My Monday Musing ~ Memorial "Moving" Day 1976

May 27, 2024

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Written by Tulis McCall

Tulis McCall is a woman with a passion for performance and presentation. She brings her extensive knowledge of acting, writing, and producing to everything she does.


  1. flashrosenberg

    Thanks for sharing YOUR “moving to NYC” story. It’s a GREAT theme. What I want to know is WHY. What was the allure of NYC for you, personally!?

  2. Mitch Levenberg

    Great story, Tulis. Alas I was born in Brooklyn, lived in Queens till I was nearly 40, moved to Manhattan (Greenwich St. ) and full circle back to Brooklyn. Avoiding jury duty, I might add, each time I moved.


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