Actors Are Magicians – January 23, 2023

Actors Are Magicians – January 23, 2023

by Tulis McCall | Monday Musings

Actors know that a world with no stories would go wobbling off into the Universe and burn to a crisp or freeze over until it was colder than the heart of a certain Supreme Court Justice.
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Written by Tulis McCall

Tulis McCall is a woman with a passion for performance and presentation. She brings her extensive knowledge of acting, writing, and producing to everything she does.


  1. tony smith

    Yay Tulis what a pleasure to see you leading, contributing and being an artist nearly 40 years after building the Sterling Institute…………. B r a v o……….. if you send me your address I will send to you my new volume of poems, Skinny Branches

    • Tulis McCall

      Lovely to hear from you. Will send!

  2. Lynn Thompson

    Storytelling…that really is it, as you say, Tulis…from huddling around a fire in the days of cavemen to sitting in boxed seats in a world-class contemporary opera house, storytelling brings people together. We listen, think and, ideally, come out moved to the point even a bit of us has changed even in the smallest of ways for the better.

    • Tulis McCall

      Great images!


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