Actors Are Magicians – January 23, 2023

Actors Are Magicians – January 23, 2023

by Tulis McCall | Monday Musings

Written by Tulis McCall

Tulis McCall is a woman with a passion for performance and presentation. She brings her extensive knowledge of acting, writing, and producing to everything she does.

January 22, 2023


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Lifetime Membership: Yea or Nay – January 30, 2023

The other day I signed up for a Lifetime Membership for a Meditation App. It seemed like a no-brainer, until I heard myself think, “Wait a minute – how long would I have to live to make this lifetime membership worthwhile?” A quick calculation told me I would have to live for three more years. That sounded doable. But what in the Sam Hill am I doing thinking thoughts like THAT?

Happy Birthday, Martin Luther King, Jr.

In addition to being King’s birthday, this year January 15th marked the closing date for SEVEN Broadway shows. Four of those shows feature black casts: “Death of a Salesman,” “A Strange Loop,” “Topdog/Underdog,” and “Ohio State Murders.” A fifth, “The Piano Lesson,” will close in two weeks.

How Stupid AM I?

When you are deep into experiencing your own stupid – stupid is not funny. Like the 15 minutes I spent the other day looking for my keys. I could feel the spirits hanging around laughing as my anxiety started to spike. Seriously. They thought it was a laugh riot.

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