Visit to the MET – December 12, 2022

Visit to the MET – December 12, 2022

by Tulis McCall | Monday Musings

Written by Tulis McCall

Tulis McCall is a woman with a passion for performance and presentation. She brings her extensive knowledge of acting, writing, and producing to everything she does.

December 11, 2022


  1. Douglas W McGill

    Excellent, as always! Gave me a 5 minute peak into another world!

  2. Jeffrey Hedquist

    The best one so far. Feels like you onstage in front of a loving audience. In fact, this one could be used as part of your
    performance eouvre.



  3. Daniel Bradley Jones, Psy.D, LCSW

    Tulis is master story teller. Her monologues brandish us with her deep sense of irony, and appreciation of the tragicomedic complexities of human experience. She gives me hope that clever insight and hilarity will take away some of the strain.


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Happy Birthday, Martin Luther King, Jr.

In addition to being King’s birthday, this year January 15th marked the closing date for SEVEN Broadway shows. Four of those shows feature black casts: “Death of a Salesman,” “A Strange Loop,” “Topdog/Underdog,” and “Ohio State Murders.” A fifth, “The Piano Lesson,” will close in two weeks.

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