Monday December 5 – Life Is A Quiz Show

Monday December 5 – Life Is A Quiz Show

by Tulis McCall | Monday Musings

Written by Tulis McCall

Tulis McCall is a woman with a passion for performance and presentation. She brings her extensive knowledge of acting, writing, and producing to everything she does.

December 5, 2022


  1. Ethan

    Now if only we’d win prizes for remembering things… then maybe I’d be better at it?

  2. Ed Kliszus

    What’s the old saying, “I’ve forgotten more than you’ve learned?” But now I understand why, oh, what’s his name, Marlon Brando, used cue cards when he decided no longer to memorize scripts. Bravo Tulis for a Monday chuckle, or is it Tuesday?

  3. Terria Joseph

    Loved this!!!!! Had me calling out answers. Beautifully produced and written & acted! 🎭

  4. lee

    That spun me round a few dozen times … It reminded me of … what was that actor??

    • Tulis McCall

      Don’t ask me!!!

  5. Phil Proctor

    It only hursts when I laugh. This hurt a lot!

  6. Monica Anderson

    Hahahaha! Only you could pull off being your own foil!! Loved the split personality!!!

  7. Ann Firestone Ungar

    Tulis McCall is a treasure for our age, now on the web with Monday Musings. In her current post, Life is A Quiz Show, she meditates on little memory losses experienced by those of us who’re challenged as we “mature.” She’s funny, warm-hearted and graceful, trying to recall, for example, who played whom in what Hollywood or Broadway production. Perhaps we’ve all been there. Haven’t we? Haven’t we?! Haven’t we?!*$%#

  8. Adeline Olmer

    I love this and all your musings! They are wonderful. Thanks for adding joy to my day.
    Bring back your beautiful photo; it makes me feel like you are right there talking to me.
    Thank you!!!

  9. Marilyn Lester

    Tulis McCall is a font of musings, and has been for a very long time, Mondays notwithstanding. In all of her work she’s amazing: smart, thoughtful, incisive, funny, entertaining—in short one of the best monologists ever. Keep musing, Tulis. You’re a joy!

    • Tulis McCall

      Merci yoooooo!!!

  10. Gordon Gilbert

    So it’s not just me…
    I think the problem is that as we age,
    we begin to phase in and out of alternate universes,
    which has two possible results:
    Our memories may be accurate, but coming from other universes,
    they may not match up with whichever universe we are now in…
    it’s possible what we forget is just what we left behind in other universes – maybe memories don’t always travel with us.


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